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Report: Broncos 'Monitoring' Aaron Rodgers But Won't 'Overreact' for QB Trade

A positive development for Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater.

The Denver Broncos like Aaron Rodgers. But here is the all-important distinction: it does not appear the Broncos love Aaron Rodgers — not enough to "overreact right now" for the MVP quarterback, per ESPN's Jeremy Fowler.

Fowler reported on Saturday morning's edition of SportsCenter that Denver remains, however perfunctory, in the Rodgers trade sweepstakes, and would "look into" his acquisition if the disgruntled 37-year-old is made available by the Green Bay Packers.

Though, the Packers haven't, so the Broncos won't. Instead, the club is content moving forward with its Drew Lock-Teddy Bridgewater QB configuration, which "they like."

“I’m told from the Broncos perspective that yes, they are monitoring Rodgers and whatever situation might be out there with quarterbacks, but they like their current set up,” Fowler said, via 247Sports. “They like Drew Lock and believe he’s a different guy this year with his work ethic. And they like Teddy Bridgewater. They believe he can win games too. They’ll look into Rodgers if he’s available, he’s not, so they’re certainly not going to overreact right now.”

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Fowler's hearsay came one day after he correctly predicted Rodgers would not opt out of the 2021 NFL season by Friday's deadline, and in doing so, upon speaking with "multiple teams" monitoring the situation, reported the future Hall of Famer presently has "no trade market."

"I checked in with people around the league this morning," Fowler said on ESPN's Get Up, via Bleacher Report. "The feeling is that Aaron Rodgers probably won't opt out, but he got that $6.8 million roster bonus in March, so even if that's paid out in installments, he still has it. Maybe that's enough for him to say I'm going to limit the Packers' options and sit out and make that clear.

"Now, I talked to a source who said, 'look, he's the most competitive person in the world, opting out and killing his season right now on July 2 would be difficult for him to do.' I've also checked in with multiple teams around the league who are monitoring the Aaron Rodgers trade situation. They said there is no trade market for Rodgers right now."

Fowler did allow that July 27 — the start of Packers training camp — is considered the new artificial deadline for a Rodgers trade.

Denver is scheduled to open camp a day later.

Circle your calendars. Again.

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