Broncos 2020 Roster Breakdown: Tyler Jones | OL

Erick Trickel

Each summer, Mile High Huddle goes player by player to break down the Denver Broncos' roster. That’s right, all 90 of them.

We'll scrutinize each player's history, dating back to college, and what they bring to the 2020 Broncos. Next up? Tyler Jones, the versatile offensive lineman from N.C. State.

Jones has the skill-set to play all five spots, but he lacks the ideal size and length for tackle, which makes the interior offensive line his best bet. Still, being able to play all three interior spots adds value to a player, but Jones will have to go out there and really show off the skills and versatility to compete with other candidates on-roster who share some of those same traits.

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In the NFL, the more areas a player can specialize, the better, so of course, playing three spots upfront will help Jones' cause. However, guys like Austin Schlottmann and Patrick Morris, both of whom have the experience that Jones doesn't, will be competing for the same seat on the ride.

Jones isn't expected to make the Broncos roster, but there is always a chance. He will have to go out there and emphatically prove that he is better than Schlottmann and Morris, both of whom were on the active roster last year. One trait Schlottmann and Morris have that Jones does not is experience and the cancelation of the offseason and preseason won't help Jones gain his own. 

How will it shake out? Check out the video above for a deeper look at Jones' prospects. 

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