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What Teddy Bridgewater Needs to Show vs. Seattle Seahawks

Teddy Bridgewater seems to be falling behind Drew Lock in the quarterback battle. So what does Teddy need to do to get back in front?

After the Minnesota Vikings game, there seems to be a front runner for the Denver Broncos' starting quarterback job. Drew Lock had an excellent Game 1 last Saturday and showed he could be the calculated gunslinger he wants to be. 

It was enough for Lock to get an edge in his quarterback battle with Teddy Bridgewater. Even with that, the Broncos are still committed to giving Bridgewater a chance as the starter in Game 2 vs. the Seattle Seahawks. 

With Teddy being behind in the race, what can he do to get back into it? The answer is a bit tricky because it seems he will need a lot of help to get back in front.

Protect the Rock

Bridgewater has to go out there and show he can protect the football but there's a catch. 

Push the Ball

Teddy also has to walk that line of protecting the ball while pushing it downfield. This has challenged him throughout his career, as he has a clear preference to take shorter throws and let the playmakers do their job. 

When it comes to being behind and working to come back, this will hurt the Broncos, which is why Bridgewater will have to show more. That's all great, but he needs more help to get back into the race.

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Bank on Lock Tanking

The easiest way for Bridgewater to get back into the race, beyond him playing well, is for Lock to tank. As long as Lock is efficient and clean, he will continue moving forward with Bridgewater lagging. If both of them are playing well, Lock keeps the steady lead over Bridgewater.

Bridgewater can control how he plays, and he still has to go out there and play well no matter what. This would be beneficial to the Broncos if their backup quarterback still plays well in the event something happens with Lock. 

This QB battle is nearing an end, and with how the quarterbacks have spoken recently after practice, they seem to know it is nearing an end.

Check out the video above for a deep-dive on what Teddy has to do to get back in front.

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