Broncos 2020 Roster Breakdown: Andrew Beck | TE

Erick Trickel

Each summer, Mile High Huddle goes player by player to break down the Denver Broncos' roster. That’s right, all 90 of them.

We'll scrutinize each player's history, dating back to college, and what they bring to the 2020 Broncos. Next up? Andrew Beck, the versatile offensive chess piece.

When the Broncos picked Beck up off waivers on the doorstep of last season's opener, it made a lot of sense. His versatility allows him to contribute as a tight end or as a fullback, and the Broncos had injuries at both positions. 

So having a piece that could wear both hats gave Denver some options when it came to its 53-man roster math. Even after the Broncos' main fullback Andy Janovich came back from injury, the team kept Beck around. 

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However, due to yet another injury to Janovich, Beck was back in a full-time role in the offense. Heading into 2020, with Pat Shurmur as the offensive coordinator, there are some questions about Beck's future with the team. 

There is one factor that helps the Broncos and gives them more options with what to do with Beck in 2020. Being able to call up two players off the practice squad each week gives a lot of flexibility to managing the 53-man roster which becomes a 55-man roster on gameday, with 47 or 48 on the active roster, depending on the number of active offensive linemen. 

The Broncos have options with Beck, but his performance could provide more answers over the coming summer months. For a deep-dive on Beck, check out the video above. 

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No. 1-1

But Janovich has been traded to the Browns, for a 7th 2021 pick, so I don't see why that would have happened if they hadn't decided that Beck was better value / more versatile for the offence seeng has he had already filled in at the FB position.