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Bradley Chubb Takes to Instagram to Make Bold Prediction for Broncos' QB Drew Lock

Bradley Chubb sees big things on the horizon for Drew Lock and the Broncos.

Denver Broncos’ players have been locking themselves away during the current Coronavirus outbreak. Some, like rehabbing rush linebacker Bradley Chubb, have kept busy by using social media platforms to communicate with the fan base, all of whom are eager to hear from their heroes while they too are in lockdown.

Chubb used the platform of the Broncos' team Instagram platform on Tuesday to cover a wide range of subjects put forward by fans. That included the topic of GM John Elway’s recent foray into the trade market which looks to have considerably strengthened the Denver defense.

Chubb’s vital rehab from a partial ACL tear seems to be in full swing and he is super excited about his own role within a more powerful line-up that will benefit from year two under the guidance of defensive guru Vic Fangio. 

Chubb is psyched about the new-look defense but he went further by expressing how he predicts huge things out of second-year QB Drew Lock this coming season.

Considering Chubb has yet to share a game-time experience with Lock, expectations for his QB should make Broncos Country sit up and listen in hopeful excitement for what lies ahead.

“Yes, Lock is ready to go off," Chubb said via Broncos' Instagram channel. "I’m excited to see what he’s been doing; I’m excited to see how he reacts to a new offensive coordinator a new system or whatever. And, just see how he takes his game from rookie year to second year. A lot of guys have that huge jump and he came back and went 4-1, and I’m excited to see how he does."

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Another positive opinion to boost the confidence of the Broncos' prospective franchise quarterback is to be welcomed, but much work still lies ahead for both Lock and Chubb. Lock, in particular, will have to get his head around OC Pat Shurmur’s new offense and settle into becoming a real team leader from now on.

Lock, alongside Chubb, represents a bold new breed of Broncos as Elway rebuilds for the future. It will be up to both of them to stamp their authority on 2020, particularly if the Broncos are serious about mounting a genuine challenge for the AFC West and a vital playoff slot.

The third-year pass rusher was also asked who he would pick as the best trade acquisition between corner A.J. Bouye or DL Jurrelll Casey, and he was quick to stress diplomatically how both additions would help him out, ultimately opting to call it a tie.

“I’m just to go with a tie because at the end of the day Jurrell is going to be on that line with me rushing and A.J. is going to be holding those guys so we can get to the QB,” Chubb said. “So to be honest with you I can’t say who [is] the best one, they [are] both going to benefit from this defense, I feel like it’s going to be a fun ride.”

Elway’s prowess on the trade market has impressed Chubb. Furthermore, it puts the pass rusher in a much better position to pin his ears back and get in the opponent's backfield. Chubb has plenty of motivation to come back stronger after he spent three-quarters of last season on injured reserve, due to that partial ACL tear suffered against Jacksonville in Week 4.

So far this offseason, he has been concentrating on getting his knee back in playing shape despite the virus enforcing difficult living restrictions, all the time Chubb has been looking forward to lining up in a massively improved defensive line-up.

“Still got to get the rehab in, just me and head trainer Vince getting it in. Staying safe, staying away from everybody just going there and back home every day,” Chubb explained. “Yeah, I’m excited to join this defense once again; they finished the year off strong. It was hard watching from the sidelines but at the end of the day they did what they had to do and now it’s going to be my time to come in and do what I have to do. So, it’s going to be fun.”

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