Report: Broncos Finalizing Deal to Make Pat Shurmur New Offensive Coordinator

Chad Jensen

Pat Shurmur, fired as the Giants coach the day after the 2019 season, is reportedly negotiating terms to become the Broncos' new offensive coordinator.

Shurmur's work as the Vikings' offensive coordinator in 2017 and specifically his work with journeyman quarterback Case Keenum — Minnesota made it to the NFC title game — led to the Giants hiring him as head coach and the Broncos signing Keenum as a free agent. Shurmur lasted two years with the Giants. Keenum lasted one season in Denver and played last season in Washington.

You have to feel for Drew Lock a little bit. After finishing his rookie year with a lot of promise and the starting job going into 2020, he will be working with his sixth offensive coordinator in the last five years.

According to NFL Network's Mike Garafolo, the Broncos are finalizing a deal with Shurmur, who had three years remaining on his five-year contract with New York. The Giants' fiscal responsibility to Shurmur will likely be reduced by the money the Broncos pay him. 

We learned early Sunday afternoon that the Vikings began making overtures to Shurmur to hire him back as their offensive coordinator after their coordinator Kevin Stefanski was hired to be the Browns' head coach. Coach Vic Fangio fired Rich Scangarello and immediately jumped into the Shurmur derby. The Bears and Eagles are also looking for offensive coordinators. 

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Shurmur has coached in the NFL since 1999 and been a head coach twice. That means that if he's hired, Fangio will have two former head coaches as assistants on his staff, including O-line coach Mike Munchak (ex-Tennessee Titans).

Shurmur, 9-23 with the Giants, is one of the NFL's most respected offensive minds. He's an experienced game-planner and play-caller while also having an excellent reputation for developing QBs. He did a very good job bringing along Giants first-round rookie Daniel Jones in 2019. Lock was taken in the second round of the same draft and Shurmur likely studied Lock extensively.

If Shurmur is hired to work with Lock, the Broncos will be much better positioned to capitalize on young talent on the offensive side of the ball. It's unfortunate for Scangarello, but there's no question that Shurmur would represent a vast upgrade over the inexperienced and at times in-over-his-head former Broncos OC. 

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I dont know how to feel about this. Pat Shurmer passed on Drew Lock in favor of Daniel Jones.


This is not a good hire outside of 2017 non of his offenses were ranked in the top ten. And in that 2017 playoffs they were completely handled by the Saints outside of a miracle play would have lost and did get completely embarrassed in the championship game being blown out by Philadelphia. Shurmer has the reputation of being a conservative play caller which is exactly what Fangio wants. I guarantee you he has watched what Tennessee has done and envisions that in what he wants from the Broncos but I hate to tell him you aren’t going to win too many games passing for less than 100 yards. Shurmer’s resume reads like this 2010 to 2012 OC for the Rams who did absolutely nothing on offense 2013 to 2015 OC for the Eagles where Chip Kelly ran the offense and called the plays Shurmer was OC in name only. The rest with Minnesota then HC of the Giants none of this is impressive and I feel the Broncos just took a step backwards. While the rest of the league is going young and innovative the Broncos are going old and predictable.

Erick   Trickel
Erick Trickel


You are completely wrong about Shurmur being conservative. He is one of the most aggressive offensive minded coaches in the NFL and is always looking to take shots downfield.

Also on the Eagles under Chip Kelly were ran by Kelly and Shurmur on offense. They both called plays and came up with the game plans together. Kelly called the plays in, but Shurmur was right there in his ear deciding what to run.

Shurmur also has a track record of working with quarterbacks (young and not so young) and improving them. He was actually very hands on with Foles, Jones, Keenum, among others. He actually did what everyone wrongly praised Scangarello for in San Fran.

Last point is his offensive scheme is very varied and he is so highly though of for his ability to adjust the scheme for quarterback amd opponent. He actually can make good adjustments during games.


I did not see this coming. In fact the report right below this is entitled: "Rich Scangarello to Return for Second Year as Broncos OC in 2020." Ah, the winds of change never cease in the NFL. Will Scangs return to coach with Shanny in San Fran?


Hopefully this doesn’t turn out like the Musgrave hire/promotion. I don’t wanna be sitting here 10 months talking about how Shurmer lacks creativity and is predictable.


Ouch, sorry Rich. Wow Fangio, So much for a month off.

My Dream Draft

15. Tristan Wirfs OT

46. Jalen Reagor WR

77. J.K. Dobbins RB

83. Ben Bredeson IOL

96. Michael Pittman Jr. WR

108. Raequan Williams IDL

128. A.J. Dillon RB


Not a good sign for Drew Lock. This is exactly what happened to Flacco in Baltimore. Too many changes, too many style to adapt to; no consistency can wreak havoc on a quarterback. Along with coching changes, usually means other palyer changes, too


Yikes, fingers not hitting any of the right keys this morning. Excuse spelling.

Arctic Bronco
Arctic Bronco

Looking forward to learn the types of players that ate good fits for a Shurmer offense.


Question for Chad and/or Erick.
I know Shurmur has roots in the WCO offense and read it's more similar to Walsh's version opposed to the system Shannahan runs.
How different or similar are the two and is this a major learning curve for the offense? Will they still use a zone blocking scheme and how important are TEs in Shurmur's offense?