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Broncos Jerry Jeudy Says Deshaun Watson in Denver Would Be 'Exciting' in Cringe Interview

Jerry Jeudy might not have realized it but he threw his quarterback Drew Lock under the bus during a cringe-worthy radio interview.
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Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy might now be regretting his decision to jump on the Super Bowl media train this week after his remarks resulted in the triple whammy of making him look bad and amplifying trade rumors around Houston Texans disgruntled quarterback Deshaun Watson while throwing Drew Lock under the proverbial bus.

“It would be exciting to have Deshaun Watson," Jeudy told ESPN’s Bart and Hahn. "He’s a great quarterback,” Jeudy said. “Looking forward to his decision."

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Any soundbites from a player, let alone a receiver, related to the embattled Lock will always raise eyebrows, especially when the Broncos are so openly courting another signal-caller. Jeudy's tonality was that of a disinterested teenager before naively walking straight into discussing the possibility of Watson replacing Lock. 

Honestly, Jeudy might be showing diva signs too early in his NFL career, but that persona is over-exaggerated. Behind the obvious trade speculation, the 21-year-old wideout knows he needs to step his own game up if the Broncos offense is going to get on track.

“I can’t control the quarterback. I really just focus on me,” Jeudy told ESPN. “What can I do to get better, to make it easier on the quarterback.”

At season's end, Lock promised to dive headlong into preparation for 2021 and cut out all the outside noise, so it's possible he hasn't heard about Jeudy's Watson comments.

Either way, the Broncos' locker room dynamics, with such a young group, was always going to be difficult to manage, particularly as players enjoy some down time. Jeudy has obviously failed to pick up on the finer points of being a complete pro, from a public-relations perspective, after an up-and-down rookie year. 

Jeudy's talent might be audacious, but his play in the NFL, so far, has been far from it. He needs to catch up to being a more mature player pretty rapidly.

Jeudy's clumsy radio hit will quickly become yesterday's news, but hopefully, it will provide him with a valuable personal lesson for mastering the art of restraint and optics in the future.

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