Scangarello Answers the Bell in Week 9 With Brandon Allen Under Center

Chad Jensen

The Denver Broncos entered Week 9's home tilt vs. the Cleveland Browns in a precarious position. Quarterback Brandon Allen would make his first NFL start and play his first snap in a regular-season game, with the reeling Broncos trying to recover from a 2-6 start. 

It was hard to predict what to expect. 

What unfolded, however, was eye-opening and perhaps answered once and for all the question as to what was really holding back the Broncos' offense in the first half of the season — the play-calling or the QB play? The Broncos rolled over the Browns 24-19, leading from the first quarter and never looking back. 

Allen went 12-of-20 (60%) for 193 yards and two touchdowns. He finished with a QB rating of 125.6 in his first-ever NFL game. 

What's more, the Broncos offense not only played within itself, it finally looked more like the product on the field we'd heard team shot-callers describe before the season started. A run-first attack, with a QB who possessed just enough athleticism and mobility to create outside the pocket and take pressure off of the team's beleaguered offensive tackles. 

With Allen as the triggerman, the Broncos were an offense teeming with talent at the skill positions — a threat to score from anywhere on the field. We saw multiple explosive plays, including three scoring plays of 20-plus yards (75, 21 and 30). 

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In the wake of Allen's predecessor throwing Rich Scangarello under the bus following last week's bitter loss to the Indianapolis Colts, all eyes were on the Broncos' offensive coordinator this week. Scangarello more than answered the bell in the game he called for his first-time starting QB. 

Allen fed the offense's play-makers, with TE Noah Fant, WR Courtland Sutton and RB Phillip Lindsay combining for 265 of the unit's total yards from scrimmage. 

We're talking about a Broncos team that finished with 302 total yards, but they were highly efficient and explosive when it mattered. However, it was far from perfect offensively. 

After weeks and weeks of atrocious efficiency on third down, Allen wasn't able to move the needle much, as Denver went 3-of-9 on the money down, revealing that Scangarello and company still have plenty of work to do. 

But it was a more-than-encouraging debut for Allen and a confidence-inspiring display from Scangarello as a play designer. Give this OC/QB combo time and it could bear fruit for the Broncos. Check out the full breakdown of Allen's debut in the video above. 

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Erick   Trickel
Erick Trickel


It wasn't just the QB or the play-calling. It was both. Had a player-caller who didn't let the QB make adjustments, called a game to the strengths of what he did have as good play-callers do, went away from plays that worked, got too cute a lot, and called designed dump-offs on 3rd down.

Meanwhile, the QB lacked the mobility to fully run the offense, held the ball and missed open receivers.

It was a bad match from the start between the two and destined to fail. Good to see that Scangarello really made some adjustments with how he called the game. Denver needed that. If he didn't improve, then there had to be a serious discussion about firing him and Denver needed offensive stability.


Great points and write up gents. I have been a very vocal critic of Scangarello, and still don’t think you can run a NFL offense without the ability to change things at the line. With Allen and Lock that isn’t as big of an issue though. I liked Allen at Arkie, not like high draft pick like but he was a pretty good player on a bad team. What they did yesterday I have no doubt that Lock could have done. The most impressive thing yesterday was the coach adapting to the player, we have not seen that since Tebow/McCoy and guess what ? It actually works, imagine that.


Was is not Scangs best game? You guys gotta also give him points for many of those calls with a first time QB who had little chance to work on timing...yet the results were up there with the best. Also...didn't Scangs coach Allen once before? Wonder if that had any bearing on the waiver pick up no one could understand. The oh were dead if Flacco gets hurt crowd. After all I heard about 3 QBs n no experience last week blasting the team, when the manage a well executed, well coached win with new guys shining they get more than a grudging nod. It was FUN to watch...and now wonder if they can finish the season competitively...


You people are seriously the MOST retarded people on earth the ni66er let them have the ball back with 2 min left in 1/2 could have rushed 3 times kicked FG gone into 1/2 17- 9 instead they march down field & if we weren't playing One of the ONLY two teams that are worse than us at PASS TD's WE LOSE AGAIN... lucky they settle for a FG and listen to all you ni66ers say get rid of Von when our DEF is being wasted & over worked we have the #5 top NFL OA 3rd down chances & are 28th NFL in making them... MOST CHANCES LEAST SUCCESS but of course that's Flacco's fault... they RAN 73 plays to our 43 and had many chances at TD's and SCAMgrrrrrr.....JELLO called a GREAT GAME are you really that blind deaf & dumb... 3 & 1 what did he do again PASS... if that 1 play results as has been usual incomplete we LOSE again... MOST TIMES IT IS A BAD PLAY not merely incomplete... even at the end of the game they had TWO chances and blew it yet SCAMgrrrrrr.....JELLO called a great game.... HERE you morons: Flacco 65.3% Comp 1 822 yrds 7.0 Y/Att 10.7 y/rec Brandon 60% Comp 193 yrds 9.65 Y/Att 16.1y/rec You can thank Noah Fant for a 75 yard THREE tackle breaking TD for the inflated Y/REC & Y/ATT stats Essentially all 2nd half we scored ONCE they had about 4 GOOD CHANCES in that SAME 1/2 and failed to convert... they convert 1 we LOSE AGAIN SCAMgrrrrrrr....JELLO IS THE PROBLEM with BRONCOS 2019 Flacco was NOT the Problem


BTW the play calling to end 1/2...forgot to mention it was EXACTLY THAT SAME BLLSHT that cost us three games & even with me screaming in all caps about it since day 1 everyone just ignores it & repeat over & over again... ALL THAT EMPIRACAL EVIDENCE you still ignore it... if we played even a 1/2 decent OFF we LOSE that game as we should TERRIBLE PLAY CALLING and we were lucky cleveland's OFF was unreal in their suxage & play calling as well I seriously thought SCAMgrrrrrr....JELLO had a twin working for the Browns making that many stars look that GOD Awful... you want to see what our team could look like if we got a decent play caller: SEE Sanders SF or watch how well Fant & Court & Lindsay played ON THERE 1 GREAT HI LITE REEL PLAY & then imagine an OCoord who could do that ALL THE TIME & win 6- 3 instead of LOSING 3- 6 and taking all the credit for their broken tackle ability & 3 big wins after screwing our #1 WR & our #1 QB... almost got Spence on IR as well wtf... we finally get a Punt Ret & instead of Book taking that pass we almost get spence injured GENIUS...then he take ZERO BLAME for screwing our team's season & DEF...what a joke we can't even have honest & good sports journalists or else the jews would have to live in fear someone would tell the TRUTH about REICHSTAG911... instead we have retards everywhere to protect the criminal & treasonous jew & their domestic traitor slave gangs the mason mormon kkkk bible dumper socialists left & right british loyalists clinton bush obama trump...all treasonous scum & war profiteering anarchists mass murder eugenics programs for profit cockroaches...enjoy the DEBT slavery from the uncon currency bone heads looks like things have to get way worse before we can clear the field of all you retarded scumbags & restore our country back to GOD endowed rights & the Con restraint on gov't power & make things better... you retarded morons are beyond description