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Details Emerge on K Wil Lutz's Contract With Broncos

The Denver Broncos' two-year deal for Will Lutz goes under the microscope.
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After a lot of activity during NFL free agency in 2023, the Denver Broncos are expected to be less active, but have still signed some players to multi-year deals.

As happened last year, I'm going to examine the details of each contract as they are revealed. We continue with kicker Wil Lutz, who re-signed with the Broncos after being acquired in a trade before the start of the 2023 regular season.

Contract Details

Summary: Two years, $8.4M, $4.51M fully guaranteed.

Contract breakdown

2024: $3.3M signing bonus (fully guaranteed), $1.21M base salary.

2025: $3.635M base salary, $255K per-game roster bonus.

Cap charges: $2.86M in 2024, $5.54M in 2025.

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Gut Reaction:

This is essentially a contract that gives Lutz a significant amount of money this season but nothing is guaranteed next season. The Broncos could cut him in 2025 with just a $1.65M dead money charge.

On one hand, the Broncos paid a lot for a kicker who is a second-tier option. The money he'll get in 2024 is a slight overpay, given Lutz's ability from long range

On the other hand, the Broncos have no commitment to Lutz beyond 2024. While it's certain the Broncos will go with Lutz as the kicker this season, next season could be a different story.

There is a little risk to the deal, but only that the Broncos overpaid for him in 2024. While I would have preferred he got paid less, it's not more than a one-year commitment.

Contract grade: B-

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