Drew Lock Becomes Youngest QB to Ever Win at Gillette Stadium

Chad Jensen

If all one did was look at the box score, the assumption would be that Drew Lock played a horrendous game in Week 6 at Foxborough. In the Denver Broncos' 18-12 upset win over the New England Patriots, Lock went 10-of-24 for 189 yards and two interceptions. 

He finished with a putrid QB rating of 34.9. 

But the box score doesn't tell the whole story. The complete yarn reveals a young quarterback making just his eighth NFL start that led the Broncos on six scoring drives. 

Lock moved the ball quite well between the 20-yard lines but where his numbers really nose-dived was in the red zone (Denver failed to score a touchdown) and the two fourth-quarter picks. However, something the box score omits: Lock had three would-be touchdowns dropped by Broncos' receivers. Albert Okwuegbunam dropped two and Jerry Jeudy one. 

Plus, DaeSean Hamilton dropped what would have been a 40-plus yard completion at worst and a touchdown at best. The truth is, Lock played very well, outside of those two fourth-quarter picks. 

As a result, the Broncos defeated the nine-point favorite Patriots. Along the way, Lock carved himself out a nice piece of history becoming the youngest QB in NFL history to win a game at Gillette Stadium. 

The 23-year-old Lock also joined Hall-of-Famer Kurt Warner as the only QBs to win at Gillette Stadium while throwing multiple picks. 

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Gillette Stadium opened for the 2002 NFL season. Lock is now the youngest QB to ever win there. Fitting that the distinction is owned by a Broncos' QB. 

Considering that Lock hadn't played any meaningful football for a month, hats should go off to the kid, especially in light of the fact that he did so without his No. 1 wideout (Courtland Sutton) and No. 1 tight end (Noah Fant). Instead of elation, the general vibe from Broncos Country has been one of grudging relief. 

Why aren't Broncos fans celebrating at the water cooler on Monday morning? I'll repeat: 


The smart ones are. But for the fans who aren't, it likely comes down to two reasons. 

  • The Broncos' failure to score a touchdown despite six scoring drives. 
  • Lock's two interceptions, which came with a multi-score lead and on back-to-back offensive snaps. 

As ill-advised as those picks were, it's important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Remember, Lock hasn't even started 10 NFL games yet. He's going to make mistakes. 

But such moments, especially when they come in triumph, are building blocks. The kid has done a great job over his young career of not making the same mistake twice, which is why fans were so disconcerted over the back-to-back picks. 

Throw all those misgivings out the window, Broncos Country. Celebrate the fact that Denver punched the Patriots in the mouth, controlling the game from the drop, and stealing a rare victory at Gillette Stadium. 

Sitting at 2-3, all things are possible now for the Broncos. Lock has helped save the 2020 campaign from the brink of collapse. 

The Broncos are beginning to forge an identity. So long as Lock remains under center, good things are likely to come for this team. 

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Mountain Drew's ability to stretch the field allows space for the running game. It is like shooting 3s, it spaces out the D. Now, Shurmur and Drew could utilize this to get more wide open mid-range throws in the future as well, but Belichick's D was bringing the safeties to stop the run. Think about PFM in SB 48... Seattle was begging him to throw 3 yard crossing routes to Age of DeMaryius all day. If PFM had gone deep a few times, maybe got a PI on them, then the safeties would have to step back enough so that you could move the sticks, either running or turning 3 yards into 5-6. Phil got 100 yards yesterday because Drew stretched the field.


That is an awesome stat ! A couple league MVPs and a Super Bowl MVP Drew and you'll be in the HOF too !


The article made me think the writer was describing Brett Rypien, sort of. Except one writer said Rypien made "bone head" plays (3 Int's) against the Jets along with the snapping of a losing streak, yet Lock completed only 41% of his passes and threw 2 Int's, and the writer is far more gentle treating Lock like a savior. Rypien complete 61% of his passes. Neither are bone heads. Brett Rypien got the winning started on short notice and Lock continued with that progress against the Patriots. Keep those QB's One-Two and let them grow together. It can make for a very reliable QB duo going forward. They can then cool the constant QB hunt.


Lock and Ripken possibly the best duo since Elway Kubiak era one can only hope. I think a great pair.