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LISTEN: Gut reaction | Broncos cut down to 52 players | What to expect on Sunday

The Broncos aren't done setting their active roster.

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It's been a tumultuous 24 hours in the Mile High City. 

After cutting 36 players and trimming their roster down to 52 players, this team is not done maneuvering. I'm not just talking about setting the 10-man practice squad. 

The Broncos are going to place three of those 52 players on injured reserve on Sunday, which will put the team at 49 players — four spots shy of the mark. Not only will those spots need to be filled, but the Broncos are also combing through the waiver wire overnight to look for players who can upgrade the positions the team feels its weakest at. 

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Those spots include: backup QB, inside linebacker, offensive line, tight end, safety and punt returner, among others. 

Did the Broncos make the right decisions in the 36 players the team cut and the 52 they decided to keep? What can fans expect to see happen on Sunday with regard to additional roster shuffling? Which waived players are bound to be re-signed to the practice squad?

In today's episode of the Huddle Up Podcast, Zack Kelberman and I break it all down. We filter through all the Broncos' roster moves thus far and read between the lines of what GM John Elway said in his Saturday presser to project ahead on Sunday. 

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