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Ex-Seahawks Teammate Trashes Russell Wilson on Podcast

Russell Wilson continues to be the target of shade-throwing tactics by former teammates seeking clout.

Russell Wilson has received immense criticism for his performance in Year 1 with the Denver Broncos. Most, if not all, of Wilson's mishaps on the field in 2022 are worth calling out. 

But the criticism surrounding Wilson has long since jumped the shark and reached arguably unfair proportions. What resonates most among this din is what Wilson's former Seattle Seahawks teammates have said personally. 

Richard Sherman barked about Wilson all season long as an Amazon Prime analyst, and now another former Seattle teammate is chirping. Former Seahawks and Las Vegas Raiders linebacker K.J. Wright had some interesting words for Russell on his podcast K.J. All Day.

Wright made some extremely vague comments about Wilson needing to apologize and make amends with, ostensibly, his former Seahawks brothers. 

"I don't want to go viral with this. I really don't. But a few dudes have came on here—off record, on record—and have said what they've said of how they felt about No. 3. When you play this game, when you go through this journey, it's all about the brothers. It's all about the brotherhood. And when it's all said and done, he's got a lot of making up to do. He's got a lot of phone calls to make. A lot of, 'Hey, bro, I should have done better with that.' And that's the God's honest truth. I can hold that inside but he's got a lot of making up to do." 

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What exactly did Wilson do to warrant phone calls of apology? If there was a problem with how he acted or approached his leadership role during his time in Seattle, Wright should spill the beans instead of vaguely implying that Wilson has wronged so many of his ex-teammates. 

Wright says that he doesn’t want this to go viral, which, if you’re broadcasting it on your podcast, you clearly want this narrative out in the world, but there are no specifics being presented. Wright's half-in-half-out approach to his claims is frankly cowardly. If Wilson needs to be called out for anything, it should be said with one's whole chest, leaving no doubt.

If his claim about it being "all about the brotherhood" held any water to Wright and other ex-Seahawks that have thrown shade at Wilson, it should be laid out for the world to see. Isn’t it a disservice to said brotherhood to continue to let Wilson off the hook for things a guy like Wright believes require an apology? 

Isn't it disrespectful to sit there and beat around the bush when Wilson supposedly has “a lot of making up to do?” Be real.

Wright may be farming the Wilson topic for views and clout. This isn’t the 'statement' one makes if he wants to out another person and genuinely bring a subject out of the darkness. Light is the best antiseptic.

These are the tactics of a social media influencer or politician who dangles rumors and conjecture to a now speculative audience to incentivize them to keep tuning for more crumbs of drama. Wright doesn’t truly care about what kind of person Wilson was or still is; he just wants to use his former quarterback as a source for clicks and views.

It's still unclear what Wilson has done to illicit this kind of slander from former teammates. Until one decides to stop wasting breath and step up for those they consider brothers and speak out, such words will never hold weight. 

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