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Current Odds Don't Favor Rob Walton as Frontrunner to Win Broncos Ownership

The oddsmakers are surprisingly accurate in predicting the future.

Earlier this week, we learned that the Denver Broncos accepted five bids from prospective buying groups as the Pat Bowlen trust is set to sell the team via auction. The groups submitted their respective bids last Friday, and a few days later, two new names were revealed among them. 

Although the Broncos have been tight-lipped about naming any of the prospective bidders due to the confidentiality revolving around such a multi-billion-dollar endeavor, a few names had been floated by media reports over the previous few months. One such name was Walmart heir Rob Walton.

Among the five groups that actually bid on the Broncos last week, Walton was officially named in a Sportico report as being among them. Although two of the five remain anonymous at this time, two additional names were unveiled as Walton completion: Josh Harris of Apollo Global Management and investor Todd Boehly.

Naturally, the oddsmakers are taking bets on the most likely victor in the Broncos-ownership sweepstakes. If you're looking to predict the future, oftentimes, it's the oddsmakers who foreshadow how things will resolve. 

According to, the odds currently shake out like this:

  • Anonymous Bidder: -150
  • Rob Walton: +275
  • Todd Boehly Group: +325
  • Josh Harris Group: +375

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Translation: the oddsmakers don't view the heretofore presumptive frontrunner, Walton, as the most likely to emerge victorious as Broncos owner, even though he's the 19th-richest man in the world. Maybe Vegas likes the nameless groups because they're still anonymous. 

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The Broncos are expected to be sold at a figure approaching $4 billion dollars, shattering American pro sports records. So what comes next? 

Mile High Huddle's Luke Patterson reported the following: 

The investment and financial advisement firm of Allen & Co. is regulating the sale of the team on the behalf of the Pat Bowlen Trust and is expected to meet with the five prospective bidding groups alongside team representatives in early May.

For those looking to test their luck on predicting the next owner of the Broncos, the odds are out there. How accurate they are, in terms of portraying the true power rankings or order of highest initial bid submitted, is anyone's guess. 

Joe Ellis and the Broncos, at least right now, aren't talking. All will be known in due time. 

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