Skip to main content Calls Russell Wilson NFL's 'Most Disappointing QB'

The Denver Broncos quarterback has earned the moniker.

The Denver Broncos failed miserably against the Carolina Panthers, once again proving that this season is beyond lost. Carolina interim head coach Steve Wilks has as many wins as Nathaniel Hackett coaching five fewer games. 

This Denver team is in disarray, and there are multiple culprits to this crime we call a football team. Sam Darnold literally rolled the Broncos. 

The Broncos would be so much fun on a Caribbean cruise seeing as they like playing limbo. How low can they go? Apparently, second-worst in the league.'s Dan Hanzus provides his analysis.

Broncos Rank: 31

"The Broncos have the NFL's most disappointing offense, led by the league's most disappointing quarterback, Russell Wilson. It was more of the same Sunday, a 23-10 loss to the Panthers in which Denver managed just 246 yards against a Carolina team in the running for a top-five pick in the upcoming draft. Wilson has struggled in numerous ways this season, but his failures in the red zone are borderline surreal. According to ESPN's Bill Barnwell, Wilson's red-zone QBR has dropped from 91.9 during his final season in Seattle to 6.3 through 10 games with the Broncos. He went from being one of football's most efficient QBs inside the 20 for a decade to the absolute worst. Wilson's struggles are quite literally hard to believe."

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This season, Denver's offense is the most disappointing unit in the NFL. Wilson found the end zone this past week in garbage time with three minutes remaining, and the Broncos were still down 13 points. At least Brandon Johnson caught his first career touchdown pass, which was Wilson's 300th

As Wilson's struggles continue, it's apparent that he is a more significant part of the problem than Broncos Country realized. He seems unable to read the field, whether a defender is breathing down his neck or he's given 10 seconds to throw.

While the Broncos' offensive line is atrocious, Wilson does them no favors as he refuses to get rid of the ball quickly and often runs into defenders' arms. That's the biggest collapse of a perceived Hall-of-Fame-worthy quarterback. 

Wilson has been baking the worst cake imaginable with heaping scoops of disappointment and incompetence in place of sugar and baking powder. The cherry on top is Denver's top-five pick going to Seattle.

The Broncos' defense gave up this week, and can you blame them? Broncos Country collectively cheered when Mike Purcell was yelling and frustrated with Wilson on the sideline. 

Denver's defense is one of the best this year but is overshadowed by the ineptitude of the offense week after week. They're tired of it and finally succumbed to apathy, it would seem. 

The Broncos' defense has done more than enough to win every Sunday outside its first outing against the Las Vegas Raiders. Patrick Surtain II had another suspect performance in Carolina, but as a second-year corner, fans shouldn't be losing too much sleep over it.

Denver faces Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens on the road this week, which is a terrifying prospect even if you're a competent team. If last year is any indication of what Jackson can do to the Broncos, Sunday will be miserable. 

The only thing that prevents Denver from digging further is the bedrock known as the Houston Texans. For the sanity of Broncos Country, they best not catch up in the win column. 

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