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Terrell Davis on Broncos QB Russell Wilson: ‘We Know What He Can Do'

Wilson has a fan in TD.

He began his career in Denver as a sixth-round draft pick, on the verge of quitting football during his rookie season, but transformed himself into a Pro Football Hall of Famer with two Super Bowl rings. Terrell Davis was also an NFL MVP, two-time Offensive Player of the Year, three-time first-team All-Pro, three-time Pro Bowler, and a member of the NFL 1990s All-Decade Team.

Davis’ legacy, signature ‘Mile High Salute,’ and, most importantly, his words, forever hold meaning to the diehard faithful of Broncos Country. So, when he describes nine-time Pro Bowl quarterback Russell Wilson as special, fans' ears begin to perk up.

“Listen, we’ve seen the man; we know what he can do. We know leadership-wise, he’s one of the best in the game,” Davis said in an interview with The Coloradoan.

“We know from a playing standpoint, he’s one of the best in the game. We know that he’s really, really good at making teammates feel like they’re special. What he’s done this offseason, taking people down to his house, working out and really building that chemistry, that’s important. That’s important for the culture of the locker room."

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Last week, Davis attended a conference in Fort Collins, CO, where he spoke about his personal journey in college, the NFL, and as a businessman and entrepreneur. The revered San Diego native unquestionably understands the significance of the QB position, having played alongside fellow HOFer John Elway.

“We have a quarterback that doesn’t just go to work, puts his pads on, walks out and leaves and then everybody else is doing their own thing,” Davis explained.

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“No, he’s put himself right in the middle of all the players, and he’s one of them. I know he’s got his office there and all that stuff, and the guy’s got his people around him. But I just think from an excitement standpoint and going into a season with this kind of energy, it just feels good to have.”

During Denver’s back-to-back Super Bowl championships in 1997 and 1998, head coach Mike Shanahan constructed a complex offense that could run the ball down the defense’s throat or just as effectively air it out. Davis earned the Super Bowl XXXII MVP as the Broncos won their first-ever Lombardi Trophy, and he has previously credited coaching and teamwork as the pillars of success for the franchise.

When asked about the new Broncos coaching staff led by HC Nathaniel Hackett, Davis said, “So far, I do like the energy.”

“You’ve got to play games, you’ve got to win. I like when a coach comes in and shows that he’s enthusiastic, excited about the season. Players feed off that, so we’ll see what happens Game 1.”

But Davis cannot hide his orange-and-blue roots, nor is he interested in doing so. Consider the following exchange with Kelly Lyell of the Coloradoan:

“When you were starting off your talk today, you predicted a Super Bowl championship for Russell Wilson and the Broncos this year? Were you serious?” Lyell asked.

“I’m biased, man. Big time,” Davis responded.