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Browns Digest Podcast - Episode 17: Reflog Joins To Talk Browns & More

Chris McNeil joins the Browns Digest Podcast for episode 17 where they talk Browns preseason, how far Cleveland has come and much more.

Chris McNeil (@Reflog_) joins co-hosts Brandon Little and Logan White to talk a number of topics including how McNeil got started watching the Browns and much more.

 1. The three talk about the preseason and what they have liked so far.

     2. Any surprise cuts and any surprise roster makes are hit on.

     3. Takes are put out there regarding starters playing the final game

 4. Does Davion Davis have a chance?

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One of the final shows before the season gets here! We appreciate Chris McNeil taking the time to talk with us. We appreciate each and every listener! All reviews are appreciated as well on Apple Podcasts. 

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