Joe Schobert Has Been In Communication With New Browns Regime

Pete Smith

Speaking with Vic Carucci on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Cleveland Browns linebacker and pending free agent Joe Schobert said that he has been in contact with the team's new general manager, Andrew Berry. They haven't gotten to a point where they are discussing contracts thus far, but it's notable because as Schobert points out, talks with now former general manager John Dorsey "had broken down", seemingly content to let him walk in free agency. 

The reality is the new regime could still let Schobert walk, but the mere fact that the new regime has reached out to Schobert while the old one hadn't speaks volumes about the difference in their approach. Schobert played this past season and played well for the Browns and Dorsey had seemingly written him off while Berry reached out almost immediately.

Schobert still hopes to re-sign with the Browns and continue his career in Cleveland, but he's not sure if that will happen. As he said during the season, Schobert is doing his best to allow his agent to handle everything and focus on the things he can control, which currently is preparing for the birth of his first child with his wife, Megan.

As Schobert pointed out, the Browns are still trying to get everything set up within their new regime and there's another month until free agency starts, so he's not reading anything into a lack of contract talk to this point.

The Browns have a new defensive coordinator in Joe Woods and linebacker coach in Jason Tarver. Their other linebackers include Sione Takitaki and Mack Wilson, who are both preparing to enter their second year in the league. Seemingly, they will want a veteran to call the defense on the field, but it remains to be seen if that will be Schobert.

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This is good to see, and predictable. Many of these guys were in place when they selected Schobert in 2016. It's good to see that Dorsey didn't do too much damage to the relationship and Schobert is willing to still talk, but Dorsey ultimately dropped the ball by allowing him to get to this point.

With the free agent period being what it is, Schobert will get far more money once he hits the open market.

Too many people get caught up with what Schobert isn't great at(being a thumper), but he is an elite Nickel LBer and the NFL spends the majority of it's time in a passing situation.

If I were running the defense, I'd hope that Takitaki could start in the middle of the base while swinging Schobert over to the weak where he'd be given a bit more freedom to run/chase and make plays in space.