Bucs Fans Can't Wait for New Uniform Reveal

Luke Easterling

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans, your long nightmare is nearly over.

Yes, come Tuesday, you won't have to watch those awful alarm-clock numbers scurry around the field at Raymond James Stadium any longer.

The Bucs are set to unveil their new uniforms Tuesday morning, and fans can barely hold their excitement. Earlier today, I asked fans how they feel about tomorrow's announcement, and the response (only GIFs allowed) was overwhelming:

Some fans are understandably nervous about the announcement, considering what they were given last time around. That said, alleged leaks and even comments from head coach Bruce Arians have made it clear Bucs fans can expect a uniform much more reminiscent of the get-up they wore during their glory days in the late 90s-early 2000s.

We'll know for sure Tuesday, but Bucs fans have plenty to be excited about in the meantime. 

Get ready for a ton of sparkling new Tom Brady jerseys filling the entire Tampa Bay area.

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