Where Does Captain Fear Rank Among NFL Mascots?

Luke Easterling

When it comes to the NFL, there's a rankings list for just about everything, and that includes mascots.

The Athletic's Rhiannon Walker recently put together her list, ranking the NFL's 28 mascots (yes, a few teams don't have one) from worst to first, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers don't exactly make the grade.

Captain Fear, the Bucs' fan-loving pirate with a big sword and a bigger smile, comes in at No. 24 on Walker's list, thanks in large part to the fact that he doesn't exactly live up to his name:

I promise you all I’m not afraid of this mascot, which I’d really hope for if his name is Captain Fear. I’m also trying to understand what’s going on under his bandana. Is that his forehead or what the hell is going on there?

It's hard to argue with Walker's assessment here, and we're not exactly sure what the bandana is hiding, either. This mascot doesn't exactly make anyone quake in their boots, but he does bring plenty of smiles to young fans in the stands at Raymond James Stadiums.

To check out Walker's complete rankings at The Athletic, click here.

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