When Will Bucs Get 1st Win of 2020?

Luke Easterling

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had as eventful an offseason as any other team in the entire NFL, signing Tom Brady in free agency and trading for Rob Gronkowski, thus bringing much higher expectations upon them for the upcoming season.

But how long will it take for the new-look Bucs to land their first victory of the 2020 campaign?

After a tough road test against Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints in Week 1, it appears Week 2's home opener against the Carolina Panthers is the betting favorite for Tampa Bay to net their first win of the year (according to Oddschecker):

“Based on the figures, it’s likely that Tampa will manage at least one win from their first two matches, but if things start badly then there could be some great value in some of these wagers," says Oddschecker spokesperson Pete Watt. “If the unimaginable happens and Brady and Gronk fail to gel, the Bucs could lost four in a row; at that point a bet of just $10 on them to beat the Bears could bring in $460 for a lucky punter if they prevail.”

It wouldn't be shocking for the Bucs to drop that first game in New Orleans, and as the Panthers go through a seismic rebuild under a new head coach, it makes plenty of sense that Tampa Bay would take full advantage by taking down Carolina in Week 2.

That said, if the Bucs struggle on either side of the ball and falter in those early weeks, bettors could make some solid money if they bank on a slow start.

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I am excited to see Drews vs. Brady in week 1. But I agree with the experts, I think that the best bet is in week 2 against a incomplete Panthers.