Mike Evans, Chris Godwin Help NFC South Rank No. 1 at WR

Luke Easterling

The presence of two Pro Bowl wide receivers, both in their prime, is a big reason why Tom Brady chose to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this offseason.

Mike Evans and Chris Godwin also bear a significant amount of responsibility for the fact that the NFC South boasts the best wide receivers of any division in the NFL.

CBS Sports recently ranked the wide receiver groups for each of the league's eight divisions, and with a little help from Michael Thomas and Julio Jones, Tampa Bay's dynamic duo has the NFC South pacing the race:

This division is hilarious. The two best receivers in the league right now are both here: Thomas and Julio. Evans and Godwin are each top-10 guys, with the talent to break into the top five. Moore is probably somewhere in the back half of the top-20, and Ridley and Sanders aren't too far behind him. Anderson and Samuel have a ton of talent but haven't totally put it together yet. Tyler Johnson would have gone a round or two earlier in the draft if he didn't have as many injury issues. 

It's hard to blame anyone for ranking Thomas or Jones ahead of any other receivers in the league, let alone in the NFC South, but the Bucs have a 1-2 punch that no other team in the NFL can claim.

Godwin broke out in his third NFL season, finishing the 2019 campaign third in the league in receiving yards with 1,333, despite missing the last 2.5 games of the year with a hamstring injury. Similarly, a hamstring injury also ended Evans' 2019 season prematurely, but that didn't stop him from putting up 1,000 yards for the sixth straight season, something he's done every year of his career so far, matching a mark tied only by Hall of Famer Randy Moss.

Yes, the cream of the NFL's wide receiver crop resides in Tampa Bay's division, and their own two-headed monster is largely to blame.