Patriots to Trade TE Rob Gronkowski to Bucs, Swap Draft Picks

Luke Easterling

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have Tom Brady, and now, they're bringing his favorite target out of retirement to join him for another ride.

Rob Gronkowski is heading to the Bucs in a trade from the New England Patriots, and the two teams are swapping Day 3 draft picks in the deal, per multiple reports:

Rumors started to circulate earlier Tuesday about Gronkowski possibly eyeing a return to the NFL, and wanting to join Brady in Tampa Bay made plenty of sense. Still, it was only a hypothetical until the late afternoon, when things moved quickly and a deal was evidently struck.

Gronkowski retired after the 2018 season, and has been out of football since. He's still under contract with the Pats, which is why the Bucs had to trade for him, despite his being retired.

Now that Gronk is in the fold, don't be surprised if Tampa Bay looks to trade one of their other tight ends, either O.J. Howard or Cameron Brate, to clear some cap space and room on the depth chart.

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Johnny Football
Johnny Football

Can't believe this is real!!! Seems like O.J is on his way out, wonder what they will get for him if that's the plan