Bucs, Tom Brady Won't Be Penalized for QB's Visit with Coach

Brady stopped by to pick up his new playbook from offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, but it didn't break any rules.
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First, it was just a funny story about Tom Brady walking into the wrong house.

Then, it turned into a punchline for Brady trying to skirt NFL rules, having a meeting with his new offensive coordinator that was against NFL offseason regulations.

Turns out we can still just laugh about Brady's unintentional B&E.

The league investigated the situation and determined that no league rules were broken by Brady's brief visit to pick up his new playbook from Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich:

Brady has been trying to get his bearings in his new city, but in recent weeks has been kicked out of a Tampa park that was closed due to COVID-19, and mistakenly entered the wrong house while trying to meet up with Leftwich.

As you were, everyone. You can go back to your deflated football jokes now.