Bucs at the Top of NFL Jersey Sales

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have Bucs jerseys flying off the virtual shelves.

As if the offseason couldn't get any stranger, the Buccaneers have some of the most in-demand jerseys across the league. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski's new Bucs jerseys are six of the ten highest-selling on the NFL's online store (via the Athletic's Greg Auman):

That Brady and Gronkowski are outselling nearly every other player's jersey is a testament to their widespread popularity, even outside New England. The only player they're not outselling? Miami's first-round draft pick, quarterback Tua Tagovaiola.

Among Tampa Bay's top-selling jerseys, the pewter alternates are outpacing the red and white versions. The Bucs recently redesigned their jerseys to resemble their Super Bowl-era attire but added an all-pewter Color Rush uniform to replace the previous all-red look.