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Former Cardinals OL Justin Pugh Gives Tips to Incoming Rookies

Arizona Cardinals OL Justin Pugh gave some solid advice to incoming rookies on Twitter.

Though he's not a roster just yet, former Arizona Cardinals OL Justin Pugh is still helping shape the incoming wave of rookies to the National Football League. 

Pugh has been widely accepted as one of the brighter minds in any locker room he's been a part of, whether it be actual x's and o's on the field or how to handle business off of it.

On his Twitter page, Pugh posted the following five tips for incoming rookies to follow:

"1. Find something you love outside of football and pursue that in the off-season. Internship/Continue education"

"2. Every Tuesday (typical off day) reach out to a suite holder from your team (get a list from PR/director of player engagement). Ask to shadow them for a day or just to meet up for coffee."

"3. Hire a CPA…ask veterans for recommendations."

"4. You’re a dues paying member of a union now, come to the meetings!"

"5. Reach out to the veterans and just ask for advice, old players love to talk. Sit with them at lunch!"

When asked to expand on his second point (reaching out to a suite holder), Pugh offered the following:

Pugh first entered the league as a first-round pick by the New York Giants in 2013 and spent five years with them before joining the Cardinals in 2018. He is coming off a torn ACL (suffered in Week 6) but intends to play next season. 

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