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Chargers News: Bolts Star OL Reportedly Struggled Due to Nagging Season-Long Injury

The Bolts' offensive line had multiple injuries last season.
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The Los Angeles Chargers struggled all of last season, finishing the year with a disappointing 5-12 record. They never could find any sort of consistency throughout the year, leading to much frustration.

Their explosive offense looked timid at times, causing issues all over the place. One area was the problems that the offensive line saw. 

The Chargers offensive line wasn't as good as in recent years, in part due to multiple injuries. Now it has come out that star offensive lineman RaShawn Slater played through an injury all season. 

Offensive lineman scout Duke Mayweather is reporting that Slater played through a double high ankle sprain all season. This could have been why his performance dipped, so the team will be looking for a fully healthy year from him going forward.

Getting Slater back to full health this offseason will be crucial as he is key in protecting star quarterback Justin Herbert. The Bolts offense will look a little different next season with new head coach Jim Harbaugh running the show, so Slater will be relied upon even more.

Harbaugh loves to use different running schemes in his systems, so having Slater at full strength will make a world of difference. He is one of the better linemen in the league, so it now makes more sense why he looked a little off this past year.

The Bolts' offseason is crucial in multiple areas, but none are bigger than preserving the health of their star players.