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Chargers News: Is Brandon Staley In Denial About How Demoralizing Close Losses Are On Team?

Should LA move on from Staley?
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Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley entered the season on the hot seat, and it has only gotten warmed as the year has progressed. The Chargers are once again underperforming, and it could cost Staley his job.

The team lost another one-score game this past weekend, and it has become a common theme for this franchise. Staley was asked whether he believes that all the close games that the Bolts have lost is impacting performance. He very candidly responded with his thoughts.

"I don't think that that's a factor. I can't speak for all of the players, I can just speak for the that way we prepare and what our practice field looks like. You've seen us play at a high level in spurts and stretches, but we haven't had that complete performance consistently enough. When every game that we've lost is so tight, you're going to go back to a few plays, in all three phases of your team, and you're going to magnify all of those little mistakes. When you lose really, really close games, you're going to magnify all of those mistakes."

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Staley seemed to be avoiding the issue altogether, which is a problem in itself. He likely knows that the time is almost up on his tenure as the head coach, but he is still trying to save it.

The Chargers' late-game execution has been poor for a few seasons now, and it has cost them a ton of recent contests. This does fall back on the coaching staff, and Staley will likely be the first to go if changes are made

"What we're trying to do is just make sure that we can focus on improving and making sure that we put the focus on us, take the opponent out of it. If we can continue to put in the right work on the practice field, then, eventually, good things are going to happen, because we've shown that we can play high level football on all three phases. That's why people should be encouraged. Then, where we've fallen short, we have to continue to look for these small adjustments. They're not big things, they're not like just one thing or a big thing, it's a bunch of little things that, hopefully, will add up to us finishing out some of these games."

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LA essentially has to win out to have a chance to salvage their season. They can't afford any more slip-ups, otherwise, the playoffs will really be out of sight for them.

In all likelihood, Staley will be gone at the end of the season, if not earlier. There have been too many issues this year, and it's time for the Bolts to make a change.

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