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Chargers News: Keenan Allen Sets Clear Goal for Upcoming NFL Season

It's what you play for every year!

Hoping to erase a tired narrative that's been written about the franchise over its whole history, one Charger is set to quiet all doubt and grab football's greatest prize. 

Veteran Bolts receiver Keenan Allen surely has his mind made up on what he wants out of not just himself but the whole team in 2023. 

A mainstay in LA's receiver room for a decade now, Allen's not getting any younger, and while still productive, it makes sense why he wants to get a ring sooner rather than later. 

Backed by fellow talents in Mike Williams, Quentin Johnston, and Austin Ekeler, Allen is one of many targets for a potent Charger offense this season at QB Justin Herbert's disposal. 

Not to be outdone, J.C. Jackson hopes to lead a defensive resurgence once he recovers from his injury that could've been the cause of a lackluster 2022. 

Aside from the secondary, the Bolts also boast a fearsome pass rush duo of Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa to make quarterback lives miserable. 

Talent has never been the issue for Brandon Staley's men, but always the consistency in showing such talent on a game-to-game basis has been the struggle for each iteration of the Chargers. 

Eager to prove the team isn't snake-bitten with rotten luck, Allen and the rest of his Charger teammates will have their chance to avenge 2022 and countless other seasons of playoff disappointment. 

Watching their LA counterparts in the Rams win it all at SoFi in recent seasons surely has added some more motivation from beyond the Bolts' own locker room. 

The ever-coveted Lombardi Trophy has long eluded the Chargers franchise, but there's no time to buck such a trend like the present. 

With one of the best young quarterbacks in the league and talent at each position, the NFL should look out for the Chargers and Allen's high hopes this year.