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Chargers News: LA Star Shoulders Blame For Spiraling Season Ahead Of Bears Game

The Chargers need to be put back on the winning path...

The Chargers are 2-4 and are not off to the high expectations they had coming into the year.

While five of their six games have ended in one score or less, the Chargers have only come out the victor in two of those matches.

The tides need to turn. Austin Ekeler, healthy after suffering an injury, is taking it upon himself to help his team start winning again. Ekeler revealed to Matt Harmon of Yahoo! Sports:

"I got to make plays," Ekeler said. "That's something that I feel like I haven't done as much this year. And for whatever reason, it comes back to me internally, being the player that I know I can be, and making sure that I'm playing at that level."

(via Matt Harmon, Yahoo! Sports)

Ekeler suffered an ankle injury in Week 1 that kept him out for a month of football.

Since coming back against the Cowboys in Week 6, things have gotten off to a slow start.

In his two games back, Ekeler has carried the ball 28 times but has only produced 72 rushing yards, which is only 2.5 yards per carry.

The receiving game that Ekeler brings also has taken a hit, as he only recorded five catches since his return.

The whole offense is banged up with players like Corey Linsley missing games and Justin Herbert playing with a broken finger, but Ekeler knows eventually, things will turn their way as long as they stick to playing good football.

"Like it doesn't matter how I feel. I got a job to do, us players, that's what we have, that's what we signed up for, to win football games. You have to treat it like that type of mindset where I have to go out there and try to produce as much as I possibly can to help this team win games, and try to be as efficient as I possibly can, and make plays within that as well."

(via Matt Harmon, Yahoo! Sports)

The Chargers are slated to take on a Chicago Bears team that is missing Justin Fields, and if any week were to start the win streak, it would be now.

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