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Chiefs vs. Broncos: Preview and Predictions

The Arrowhead Report crew takes a crack at predicting the outcome of Saturday's Chiefs vs. Broncos matchup.

On Saturday, the Kansas City Chiefs are in Colorado as they square off against their AFC rivals in the Denver Broncos. There's plenty riding on the line for the Chiefs, as they still need a win and some help in order to secure the AFC's top playoff seed ahead of the postseason. For the Broncos, they've had an underwhelming season and will look to finish the year on a high note despite some changes that could possibly be on the horizon. How will today's game unfold? The Arrowhead Report crew makes their predictions.

Joshua Brisco: This game has preseason vibes with postseason implications. The Chiefs need to win to stay alive for the one-seed and to lock in their spot as the two-seed. Going up against an injured and lame-duck Broncos team, the Chiefs should try to put this game away by halftime before letting Chad Henne and the twos put the regular season on ice.

Prediction: Chiefs 30, Broncos 27

Jordan Foote: There's no denying that the Chiefs are a much better team than the Broncos. That much is obvious and after coming off an embarrassing performance against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 17, Kansas City will be looking to take out their frustrations on a divisional opponent. The Broncos have a quality defense and Drew Lock has put together a pair of respectable starts as of late, but they're no match for the Chiefs. This one will be a 10-point game and one that may feature an even greater deficit heading into the fourth quarter. 

Prediction: Chiefs 27, Broncos 17

Mark Van Sickle: The Broncos have nothing but pride to play for, and the Chiefs still have the potential to get the one seed. The Broncos will be missing a few key players while the Chiefs are almost at full strength. Unless the Broncos' defense comes up big and wins a lopsided turnover battle, this one seems destined for a blowout with the Chiefs being able to rest their players in the fourth quarter.

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Prediction: Chiefs 38, Broncos 14

Marlow Ferguson Jr.: A mere two weeks ago, one might've been a bit more bullish about this Broncos team. Denver had a pair of rushers that looked poised to become the ninth duo ever with 1,000 yards each, but they've since rushed for 18 and 83 yards. They've scored 14 or more just once in the last five weeks, a key reason they have little to play for in Week 18. For reference, the Chiefs average that (15.3) in the first half. With that in mind, this game could be over by the fourth quarter. With no Patrick Surtain II, Bradley Chubb, or Teddy Bridgewater, the Broncos’ ends slow and painfully.

Prediction: Chiefs 29, Broncos 13

Conner Christopherson: It is hard to imagine the Chiefs will enter the playoffs on a two-game losing streak with their starters. It is even harder to imagine that second loss being to the Broncos. If this game is close I would be a bit shocked, as the Chiefs need a dress rehearsal for the main event a week later (unless the Houston Texans pull off a miracle and defeat the Tennessee Titans on Sunday).

Prediction: Chiefs 31, Broncos 17

Taylor Witt: The Broncos bore me. What was once an extremely bitter and competitive rivalry has turned into a one-sided laughingstock, with the Chiefs winning the last 12 meetings. While Kansas City has been one of the most successful franchises in football over that span, Denver has been floundering. Their search for the right general manager, head coach, and quarterback has led them down a dark path full of losses and I don't anticipate that coming to an end this week. The Chiefs own the Broncos, it's as simple as that.

Prediction: Chiefs 33, Broncos 13

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