Chiefs Lose Top Spot in Sports Illustrated's Latest Power Rankings

Joshua Brisco

After reclaiming the top spot in Sports Illustrated's NFL Power Rankings last week, the Kansas City Chiefs have lost the top ranking despite blowing out the Denver Broncos this week.

Last week's second-ranked team, the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers, leapfrogged the Chiefs after a victory over the previously-undefeated Tennessee Titans. Here's what SI's Conor Orr had to say about the Chiefs and the team that jumped them.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (6–0)
Last week: Win at Tennessee 27–24
Next week: at Baltimore

This is a team that is still purposely scraping by on offense. The longer they can wait before forcing Ben Roethlisberger to let it rip, the better. In the meantime, they can continue suffocating opponents defensively and draining the clock.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (6–1)
Last week: Win at Denver 43–16
Next week: vs. New York Jets
The Chiefs, like the Cardinals, are staying in business by making themselves impossible to match up against every week. There is simply too much talent here, too much magic at the quarterback position making it all run, too many gutsy well-timed defensive plays to count this team out of any game.

Personally, I'd feel pretty confident in picking the Chiefs to beat the Steelers head-to-head in any given week, but I'm also assuming that the Kansas City offense could ramp back up to their most high-octane levels when needed, at least enough to successfully stretch the Steelers' excellent defense.

What say you? Are the Chiefs deserving of the top spot, or should the Steelers sit at No. 1 for as long as they're undefeated?

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