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Travis Kelce on KC's Undefeated Aspirations: 'I Do Think It's Possible'

Kelce has no problem acknowledging that the Chiefs are hoping to win every game in the 2021 season — just like they do every single year.

Ever since Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes mentioned that his main goal for the 2021 NFL season was to win every single game over the course of the year, talk of going undefeated has followed the Chiefs at every turn. It's been discussed in press conferences, on talk shows, on Twitter and just about anywhere sports takes can be exchanged.

And Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is perfectly fine with that.

I had the chance to talk with Kelce alongside Sports Radio 810 WHB colleague Kurtis Seaboldt on Thursday as Kelce was announced as the Humanitarian Hometown Hero Award winner in this year's Honorary ESPYs, presented by Sports Radio 810 WHB.

Our full conversation, which will air at 8 p.m. Friday night on Sports Radio 810 and will be posted in podcast form on the (Almost) Entirely Sports podcast feed, included discussions of his work in the Kansas City community, his love of K.C., his offseason experience coaching young tight ends and much more. But I also wanted to know how Kelce felt about the 20-0 chatter and if it's worth discussing in the midst of the offseason.

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"I've never gone into a season thinking that I wasn't going to win every single game," Kelce said. "It's the mentality that you have every single year. It's the goal that you put up at the top of the list to win every single one of your games and then go and win the playoffs and win a Super Bowl. It just is what it is, that that goal has never been shy. Nobody has ever, you know, came into a season thinking, 'Oh, I'm going to lose to this team.' It's always been 20-0, it's always been 21-0 or however many games we have, the goal is to win every single game we play, right?"

Kelce continued, not just explaining why it's a reasonable goal, but why the Chiefs could be the team to meet those lofty expectations.

"So I think, is it possible? Yeah, I do think it's possible. I think we got the right guys. I think we have the right coaches and we got a team that's willing to fight against anybody. I think it's very possible. And, you know, with the confidence that you got to have going into the season, that's exactly where it needs to be."

So is it silly to the Chiefs to aim for a flawless record from Week 1 through their third-consecutive Super Bowl appearance?

"So to answer your question, man, no, I don't think it's silly at all," Kelce said. "I think it's a very, very reachable goal. And it's going to take a lot of dedication, a lot of determination and a lot of genuine hard work throughout the season."

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