Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has plans for the offseason, no matter what

Joshua Brisco

In a conference call with reporters on Thursday, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid made it clear that he'll adapt to whatever conditions necessary amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Reid began by addressing the challenges of the pandemic and expressed his appreciation for members of the community working on the front lines. Reid also said that no members of the Chiefs — players or coaches — have tested positive for COVID-19.

With the team operating from their individual homes, Reid said he's been in touch with coaches and players and that, even though there's been a technological learning curve for "old guys like me," everyone is doing well while working remotely.

While the NFL has maintained an optimistic tone regarding the future of the 2020 season, Reid shed some light on how the Chiefs' staff and team are approaching an unusual offseason with the uncertainty that has come with the pandemic.

"We stay as current as we can through information from the league," Reid said. "We're approaching it like we're having a season. I think it's two-fold, because it can be a real positive energy-giver back to the country in a time of, maybe, need for that. At the same time, we're very sensitive to everything going on."

While preparing as if the season will eventually be played, Reid discussed the way that he's continued to plan for a variety of ways the offseason could play out, so the Chiefs will be as prepared as possible, even if the NFL's offseason scheduling ends up evolving over time.

"As far as the offseason goes, again we're out of the office until they let us know that we can get ourselves back in," Reid said. "And so I've got different plans that I've set up for different stages, whether it's virtual work or whether they let us back in the building for field work, whatever it is, I've put together plans for that. And then we'll just take it day-by-day and see what presents itself. My main concern right now, obviously, is that everyone says as safe as they can with this thing going on."