Andy Reid Hasn't Felt Fatigued Despite Long Seasons

The Kansas City Chiefs have played the most games in the NFL in the last two seasons, so how have they stayed so sharp?
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For the second-straight season, the Kansas City Chiefs have advanced to the biggest game of the year. Playing on the biggest stage means playing in more games than 30 other teams. 

Now in their second Super Bowl in as many years, the Chiefs have played the most games in that span but Kansas City head coach Andy Reid hasn't felt the fatigue.

Reid addressed the difficulty of making it back to the Super Bowl after being defending champions and said he's proud of his team for how they consistently showed up and competed, especailly in the regular season.

“Yeah, I think it’s the fact that – the thing I can see as a positive is the record," Reid said. "That we’ve preserved through some tough games and so the mental toughness to do that individually each week was important, knowing that you’re going to get people’s best shot and there’s the respect factor." 

Kansas City has certainly taken teams' best shots this season. This year the Chiefs average margin of victory fell from 8.8 points per game to 6.9 points per game. But that hasn't impacted the Chiefs' win-loss record.

In the last two years Kansas City has gone a combined 31-6 including the postseason. In games quarterback Patrick Mahomes has played in since the 2019 season, the Chiefs have earned a record of 30-4. 

Reid said he was proud of his team's trust in each other and in the staff and in their ability to battle through outside adversity as well.

"I didn’t feel as much fatigue to it as just you can allow yourself to fall the other way and start questioning and the guys never did that," Reid said. "They didn’t question each other, they didn’t question the coaches, they stayed focused and delivered. However, that falls in, I’m not sure how to categorize that, but I just think that might have been the biggest challenge. You’ve seen that with teams, when things aren’t going right, they just kind of fall apart there. Our guys have not done that, they all stuck together and trusted.”