New Commanders' TE Reveals What He Will Be Able To Bring to an NFL Offense

Dec 31, 2022; New Orleans, LA, USA; Kansas State Wildcats tight end Ben Sinnott (34) reacts after
Dec 31, 2022; New Orleans, LA, USA; Kansas State Wildcats tight end Ben Sinnott (34) reacts after / Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports
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The new era of Commanders football is underway now that the first wave of free agency and the NFL Draft have come and gone. The Commanders can still improve with what is left in the free agent market, looking at their draft class they perhaps landed one of the more elite-level tight ends that will help the offense create some more versatility outside of their other skill positions in former Kansas State Wildcat Ben Sinnott.

After a successful last two seasons with the Wildcats that saw him put up a total of 10 touchdowns, Sinnott likely will fit more of the F tight end spot as he won't be called upon to do blocking and possesses a unique ability to separate from defenders and is a good route runner allowing him to stretch the field at all three levels.

Following his arrival in the nation's capital, Sinnott spoke with the media in which he described what he would be able to bring to the NFL gridiron for the Commanders.

“ mean, I just think a versatile weapon that's going to make plays every time he touches the ball," Sinnott said about what he feels he can provide Washington. "One that's going to do what he needs to do in the run game and be that big athlete and create mismatches in the pass game. So, I'm pumped to show the Commanders fans what I can do and what kind of connection that me and Jayden will have.

“I think it's just unlimited. The amount of things I can do is unlimited," Sinnott continued. "With my alignments, with what [Kansas] K State trusted me with. I think Coach Kingsbury's going to have a lot of fun with what he can do and with where he can put me. So, I'm excited. I'm beyond pumped to be in a system like this.”

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