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Commanders' Terry McLaurin Praises Eric Bieniemy's 'Attention To Detail'

Washington Commanders wide receiver Terry McLaurin said he's seen individual improvement since Eric Bieniemy became the offensive coordinator.

It hasn't taken long for Eric Bieniemy to leave his imprint on the Washington Commanders offense. 

Bieniemy is entering his first season as the Commanders offensive play caller. While his players are still learning the offense, it hasn't taken long for Commanders wide receiver Terry McLaurin to notice Bieniemy's offensive acumen. 

"His attention to detail is something I feel like I've been around but it's even a step further with EB," McLaurin said in an interview on Washington's YouTube channel. "His clarity of the offense, the way he explains it in the meeting room is really important for us as offensive players because we know what the expectation is going to be like on the field. He wants it exactly how he wants it."

Bieniemy spent the last five years as the Kansas City Chiefs' offensive coordinator. In the five-year span, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has become one of, if not, the best in the league, winning two MVP's. Bieniemy and Mahomes also played instrumental roles in the Chiefs winning two Super Bowls.

Along with Bieniemy's attention to detail, McLaurin also touted his accountability and transparency. McLaurin also said the standard Bieniemy has been holding everyone and himself to has led to him already noticing an improvement in his play. 

The fifth-year wide receiver has had three straight seasons with over 1,000 yards and made his first Pro Bowl in 2022. 

"Him and I have built a really good relationship," McLaurin said. "I know he's leaning on me to be a leader, set the tone not only with my play on the field but my voice [as well]. He's helped me even take my game up a little level in the fact that just expecting that excellent each and every play...Ain't nothing just good enough with EB...When you have a coach that's preaching that every single day, every single rep, you're either going to get with it or get lost."

Washington's offense has been the team's achilles heel in recent years. In 2022, the inconsistent quaterback play of Carson Wentz and Taylor Heinicke led to the Commanders being 24th in points per game. 

Time will only tell if Bieniemy can revamp an offense that's struggled in recent years. The Commanders' potential on offense will rely heavily on quarterback Sam Howell who would be in his first year as the starter if he wins the job. 

But if the standard Bieniemy has been holding McLaurin and his players to is any indication, Washington's offense may have a chance to do more than pull their own weight compared to years past. 

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