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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson 'Exploring Options': Washington Must Explore Trade

Part of Rivera's job - and his list of duties here is an admittedly long one - is to build a Super Bowl contender ... and to sell the world on that vision.

As their 2021 season trudged on, Seattle Seahawks veteran quarterback Russell Wilson shot down reports that he wanted a trade. But this all came on the heels of his agent Mark Rodgers having floating four teams for which Wilson would consider waiving his no-trade clause.

The Washington Football Team was not one of those targeted destinations.

But the Washington Football Team should try to be.

Now that the season in Seattle is over, Wilson's camp has leaked that he wants to "explore his options," according to insider Ian Rapoport.

And just like last year, sources say Russell Wilson wants to explore his options to see what else might be out there for him.

Wilson has not demanded a trade, and it's not clear if he will. But at the least, those close to Wilson say he wants to investigate other destinations to see if those would put him in a better position to win another championship and create the legacy he sees for himself.

Many insiders envision Wilson trying to force his way to a major media market like Chicago or New York. And certainly he'd like to go to a place equipped to compete for a Super Bowl.

Is Washington's market "big enough''? Is Washington's roster "competitive enough''?

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“Why not?'' WFT boss Ron Rivera recently said regarding his franchise's attractiveness to a big-fish QB. "Why wouldn’t they come here?''

That radio visit was good practice. Now Rivera should fine-tune that, and be preparing his arguments, his presentation, in the affirmative.

To the actual

Try to acquire Aaron Rodgers from Green Bay? Great. See if Houston's Deshaun Watson can extricate himself from his legal entanglements? Sure. Eyeball the use of the first-round pick on Ole Miss' Matt Corral? Fine. Develop Taylor Heinicke? Meh. But Rivera made it clear his exploration of options would be a thorough one.

So while Wilson is "exploring options''? Rivera should be doing the same.

This would not be a "perfect trade'' and maybe there is no such thing. Wilson is 33. Wilson has two years remaining on a contract he signed in April 2019 that pays him an average of $35 million per season. And Wilson would require, we will assume, multiple premium picks send to Seattle.

Part of Rivera's job - and his list of duties here is an admittedly long one - is to build a Super Bowl contender ... and to sell the world on that vision. Last year, the WFT played it safe when it came to employing QBs. This year?

Sell the vision. Call Russell Wilson.