Source: Cowboys 'Not Likely' to Pursue Clowney

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - Another month passes. Another rumor defensive end Jadeveon Clowney lowering his asking price emerges. Another question is posed by to Dallas Cowboys sources about their interest level in the former No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

New month. New rumor. New question.

Same answer.

The Cowboys, a source informs us, are "not likely'' to pursue the talented Seattle Seahawks defensive end Clowney. This despite the player having reportedly listed the Cowboys as a preferred destination. This despite Clowney being judged as too expensive back when we wanted $20 million per season on a long-term deal, then when he turned down $18 million, then when he turned down $15 million, and now amid rumors that maybe he'll take $10 million.

"No,'' we were told in March.

And then a pause.

"Unless the price comes way down.''

But now the price has, seemingly, come down. And Dallas still isn't biting. Maybe the Cowboys are playing possum here, but if so, they certainly are doing so in the "play-the-long-game'' way. "No'' in March, "no'' in April, "no'' in May, "no" in June, "no'' in July.Clowney has worked through an injury situation while tossing out trial balloons (or made-up stories by writers; it's hard to tell which is which) that have attached him to the Seahawks (where he enjoyed playing last year), the Giants, the Ravens, the Titans, the Eagles, the Giants and the Browns. And more, we suppose.

It is our understanding that the Seahawks - who know him well, and like him - made Clowney an early-on offer to remain in Seattle - something in the range of $15 million for one year. He turned it down ... causing the Seahawks to turn the page and spend their pass-rush money elsewhere.

It is also our understanding that Clowney was offered a one-year deal in Cleveland that exceeded the Seattle offer. Amid rumors that that offer was $18 million, he also turned that down.

The Cowboys like to hoard pass-rushers, so maybe they know something about Clowney, 27, who is a play-maker but who last year recorded just three sacks, that the rest of us do not. 

Could it be something akin to what they know about Everson Griffen, the 32-year-old pass-rushing ace who isn't getting any bites, either? Teams know Griffen has "issues.'' That's the reason there.

Maybe Dallas' "issues'' are that they feel with DeMarcus Lawrence, Aldon Smith, Tyrone Crawford and more, they've hoarded enough. (By the way: No, Randy Gregory's unfortunate status doesn't change this; while the Gregory stories are just now being reported, his long-shot chance at reinstatement has been known by the Dallas front office for a while.)

Folks want to continue to argue about the positive reasons behind Clowney-to-Dallas, and that's OK. Maybe there is a magic number (Robert Quinn's 2019 salary of $8 million?) that causes movement.

But "not likely'' to pursue was a Cowboys truth in March. And the same higher-ups are saying the same thing now that they said then. .. so pending some sea change, those arguing are probably wasting their breath.