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Coach McCarthy ‘Confesses He Lied to Jerry Jones’ to Get Cowboys Job

True Confessions: Coach McCarthy Admits He 'Lied to Jerry Jones’ to Get the Coveted Dallas Cowboys Job

FRISCO - New Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy is a liar. But, you know, in the same way when we are all "liars'' when we do our taxes or confess our sins or exaggerate when applying for a job.

"I need to confess: I told Jerry I watched every play of the 2019 season," McCarthy said Wednesday during his introductory press conference here at The Star in Frisco. "I wanted the job. You do what you gotta do, right?"

McCarthy, of course, did ample research on the entire NFL during his 2019 away from coaching after being dismissed by the Green Bay Packers. So yes, he studied trends and analytics and specifically, Dallas QB Dak Prescott as he experienced a fine year under the tutelage of offensive coordinator Kellen Moore.

But every Cowboys game? Every Dak snap? Every single play?

"It was more about tracking the trends and seeing what people were doing," McCarthy said. "And a big part of it, too, was watching players, watching some of these new offenses, really a couple of guys on defense we were able to study.

"With the Cowboys and their excellent offense, they were a big part of those studies. It was more 'situational-specific'."

The Jones family bought what McCarthy was selling during last weekend's late-night Saturday session that turned into Sunday. And indeed, McCarthy, despite his public confession, came across as sincere in his praise for Cowboys history and for his enthusiasm for working for the Joneses. And he was candid about the magnitude of hooking up with "America's Team.''

"I'm having a moment here," McCarthy explained to start the media session, "because I don't know where the hell to put my hands. I never sat at a table for a press conference, so excuse me.''

Coach, you are excused. The Cowboys offer up a big table. And a big job. And any job interview pretty much invites a fib or two, right?