Cool Customer: Cowboys businessman Jaylon Smith 1-on-1 on his iCRYO partnership

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - Jaylon Smith is known as being a Dallas Cowboys linebacker first. But he's also an entrepreneur and a believer in the benefits of cryotherapy. So his partnership with iCRYO, the leading cryotherapy franchise in the United States, is a natural.

"My management team and I want the public to experience the benefits of iCRYO the way I myself have,'' Smith tells "We developed the partnership in the offseason with the iCRYO management team, as an equity owner. And now? We have the desire to franchise the business in some of our favorite locales.''

Jaylon and his team will therefore be opening signature iCRYO locations in Frisco (down the street from The Star in Frisco, naturally) and his hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Smith's high profile is in part a result of his presence as a standout member of the Cowboys and a proud product of Fort Wayne, the stepping stone to his All-America career at Notre Dame.

In April 2019, Smith - who recently signed a five-year contract extension with the Cowboys - joined iCRYO as an equity partner and He and his group began work to develop their own contributions to the company. The signature location in Frisco is set to open in March 2020. The location opening in Fort Wayne is also scheduled to open in March 2020. These two locations mark the first two of four that Smith and company will be opening, with future locations to come in Grapevine, Texas and in Indianapolis.

"We view this as a great opportunity to extend our involvement in two communities that I love,'' Jaylon says, "and for folks to immerse themselves in the iCRYO experience."

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lol cryotherapy ..this somewhat explains why Smith is not TOTALLY focused on NFL football .. pathetic to see a dot get overpaid and then become an average dot .. cryotherapy is bogus BS ..only appeals to those with money and time to waste ..