Eagles rookie thinks Cowboys' Micah Parsons could play in the NBA

Austin Rivers went on the Pat McAfee show and caused a media oproar when he claimed that the NBA has the superior athletes. Multiple NFL athletes have chimed in with their opinion including Eagles Rookie Cooper DeJean.
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The NFL fans and players became unhinged when Austin Rivers went on the Pat McAfee Show and claimed that "I can take 30 players right now in the NBA and throw them in the NFL, you cannot take 30 NFL players and put them in the NFL". This statement from Rivers influenced ex NFL and current NFL stars to give their opinion including JJ Watt, Tyrann Mathieu, Patrick Queen, and even Eagles rookie Cooper DeJean.

DeJean appeared on the Up & Adams Show stating that "There are a lot of other NFL players; I think you can find 30 to play in the NBA today, right now. You saw Puka play in the celebrity All-Star game, Micah Parsons". Micah Parsons is a prime example of who in the NFL could make the transition to the NBA.

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At 6'3", 245 lbs his height is right on par with the traditional NBA point guards. His 4.39 40-yard dash time would likely put him up there with the fastest players in the NBA today. His overall weight would be a handful for NBA players making any matchup vs a point guard or shooting guard a mismatch.

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Parsons basketball talent was on full display when he won MVP in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game. Parsons put up 37 points and 16 rebounds absolutely dominating his competition. Parsons brute strength and speed was able to get him easy layups and dunks.

NBA players should let Parsons's performance serve as a preview to what it would be like if NFL players made the transition to the NBA. Imagine Stephen Curry trying to guard Micah Parsons both of them are the same height, but Parsons outweighs him by 60 pounds.

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