Cowboys at Patriots (It's Lit!): Belichick and Garrett Exchange Compliments

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - First, Jason Garrett said some lovely things about Bill Belichick and his New England Patriots. Then, Belichick countered with kind praise for Garrett's Dallas Cowboys. And here inside The Star? "It's Lit!''

From Garrett at his Monday presser when asked about Belichick and Tom Brady and their six Super Bowl victories: "Obviously he is arguably the greatest coach ever. Their quarterback is arguably the greatest player ever. What they've done up there is arguably the greatest dynasty, not only in football, but in all sports."

From Belichick in his Tuesday media meeting via conference call with DFW reporters: “They’re a hard team to prepare for because they do everything well. They can run the ball. They can throw it. They have weapons at every position, quarterback, running back, tight end, receiver. They’re fast, explosive. Very good offensive line. Really, everything is a problem.”

Garrett did it all over again on Wednesday morning, re-addressing New England's greatness.

Brady, he said, "is arguably the greatest player who ever walked. ... He and Coach Belichick are arguably the two greatest ever in this league.''

The history is great. The personalities are, too. Here's betting Sunday afternoon at New England - where of course will give you a front-row seat - will live up to the greatness.