Cowboys Contracts: Zeke Says Dak ‘Is Our Heart and Soul - He's Gonna Get His Money’

Mike Fisher

The Dallas Cowboys’ contractual money hasn’t come rolling in yet for quarterback Dak Prescott--but the accolades endorsing the idea of a deal that will make him the highest-paid player in franchise history continue to do so.

“Dak's our leader,” said running back Ezekiel Elliott, speaking to NFL Network from the Pro Bowl in Orlando. “He's the heart and soul of this whole team ... He's gonna get his money.”

Zeke--who has been there and done that, having signed his season-starting contract in August that made him the highest-paid running back in NFL history--will get no argument from the Jones family. For more than two years, Jerry and Stephen Jones have represented ownership’s views by repeatedly stating their commitment to Prescott, 26, and poised to begin his fifth season in Dallas, as “our future.”

That doesn’t exactly seal up negotiations that sources told us in September nearly came to a satisfying close when Dak was to be paid in the neighborhood of $35 million APY. Nor does it prevent Dallas from having to use the franchise tag by March 10 as a tool.

"He deserves everything that he has coming,'' Stephen Jones said of Dak, taking a rather generous approach to the tough business of negotiations. "We got real, real, real close there to start the season.''

The commitment to “Dak’s gonna get his money,” as Zeke put it, is in place. Now it’s just a matter of how much ... and when.

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Cowboys 4ever
Cowboys 4ever

Why is it taken the Cowboys almost 2 years to sign him long term, since he is the franchise quarterback? Should have been signed in 2018.