CHICAGO - The Dallas Cowboys have become an unmitigated disaster over the last five weeks of the season, and on Thursday night that became even more clear, as they dropped their fourth game in five weeks in a 31-24 loss to the Bears. 

Though they came out of the gates strong, marching down the field for a touchdown in a 17-play 75-yard drive that took 8:57 off the clock on their opening drive, things soon fell apart leading to questions after the game whether Jason Garrett things the players were still buying into his vision

Garrett's response? "I do."

The question is fair, after all, it was as recently as last week that the Cowboys were run out of their own stadium by the Buffalo Bills in the most-watched football game from a rating standpoint since the last Super Bowl, only for a bizarrely similar result to take place one week later in his team's loss at Soldier Field. 

Garrett, however, appears to have remained safe in the eyes of his owner yet again who, after telling reporters that he would not fire Garrett during the regular season last week, doubled down on those comments Thursday night, despite suffering a calamitous loss for the third week in a row.

"We'll line them up here next week, we're gonna go try to win a football game," Jones said. "Everybody that's in here that's healthy will be playing and everybody that's healthy coaching will be coaching. We just got to play better."

Jerry's comments could simply be part of his grand plan to find his team's next head coach without any obstacles that could come about with an early firing, such as a resurgence under an interim, or any other complicating factors. 

Or, maybe Jones really does believe that Jason Garrett is the man to lead his team into the playoffs and beyond, though that seems unlikely at this point barring Garrett hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in February. 

If he doesn't start stringing together some wins, however, the ever-tightening leash that Jones is holding around his head coach's neck is going to get too tight for even Garrett to survive.

Until then, with Garrett named safe for another week, and an extra few days of rest at their disposal, the Cowboys will attempt to go back to the drawing board, and figure out if they can plug the leaks that have sprung up throughout this roster. 

The Cowboys play the Rams in Arlington next Sunday night . As bad as it looks to be 6-7, Dallas still has a rather simple path to the playoffs. Win two of their last three games, as long as one of the victories is in Philly in Week 16, and the NFC East is theirs.