Cowboys Jerry Jones' Attraction To New Head Coach Mike McCarthy: 'I Heard Bells!'

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - The Dallas Cowboys officially introduced Mike McCarthy as their new head coach at a press conference here at the The Star in Frisco - the media turnout being so large that the team shifted the session from the usual press area to the lobby of the larger Ford Center  - and McCarthy and team owner Jerry Jones opened by exchanging pleasantries.

McCarthy said that during last weekend's two-day interview process Jones at one point leaned over and grabbed the former Packers Super Bowl-winning coach's forearm and said, "You need to be the coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Next came the five-year agreement to make McCarthy the ninth head coach in Cowboys history.

Said McCarthy in a question about the appeal to this job: “It’s the Dallas Cowboys. I don’t think you need to go further than that.”

Jones said McCarthy’s experience with a “storied and historic franchise” in Green Bay was a factor in the decision to put him in power for "America's Team.'' And then, at he frequently does when in a particularly giddy mood, Jones decided to "work blue,'' almost using a cuss word to describe his excitement over the belief that McCarthy can meet the “very high” expectations that are part of the dinner in Dallas.

Jones talked of love and marriage and relationships - and how they sometimes lose their luster - before putting a punctuation mark on his emotions.

"The bottom line is,'' Jerry said of falling for McCarthy, "I heard bells!''

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I really hope that this works out. Hopefully him and Dak get along well or else one of them is going to get the boot.


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