Cowboys Ex Robert Quinn's Free Agency Choice? 'I Flipped A Coin'

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - Coins? Old friend Robert Quinn just got a lot of them - as much as $70 million worth - to make his NFL Free Agency decision that eventually landed him away from the Dallas Cowboys and with the Chicago Bears.

But it took one more coin to finalize the decision.

“I really couldn’t make up my mind, so I had to do it the honest way. . . . The Bears were on the right side,” Quinn said, explaining to the media that he really, truly literally choose the Bears on a coin flip.

Unfortunately, Dallas wasn't the team that was on the other side of that coin; the Cowboys decided long ago that they weren't going to pay the sort of premium money they knew their 2019 sack leader would get on the open market, as he did in Chicago with his new five-year deal.

Indeed, the Cowboys have rapidly moved on in re-loading their defensive line, with a trio of former first-round picks - Gerald McCoy, Dontari Poe and Aldon Smith - lined up to move into the first-team group ... Smith of course needed to get NFL reinstatement before he gets a chance to replicate what Quinn did here last season.

The team on the wrong side of the coin in pursuit of the guy who in Dallas earned his "Black Cobra'' nickname from teammates? The Atlanta Falcons ... or the Baltimore Ravens. Various reports cite both clubs as possible also-rans.

To be clear here, though - and we enjoyed covering Quinn and enjoyed his fun quirkiness - it's entirely possible he's speaking figuratively aboutt that "coin flip,'' that he means it was a close decision between the Bears and the other bidders.

In any event, the Bears get in Quinn a guy who once carried questions about his "baggage'' but stripped all of that in Dallas, where he finished  with 34 tackles, 11.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, and three pass deflections. ... and lots of "coin.''