Cowboys Rookie Naps Through Isiah Thomas Speech; Antwaun Woods Explains Tardiness

Cowboys Rookie Trysten Hill reportedly Napped Through a Cowboys speech from NBA legend Isiah Thomas; Meanwhile, Antwaun Woods Explains his Tuesday Tardiness
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FRISCO – I asked Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Antwaun Woods about his Tuesday tardiness and the punishment that ensued. ’It was a mistake and it won’t happen again,’ Woods told me on Thursday, later adding, ‘I’ve been late once in four years in the NFL and once in five years in college. ... When my team is working, I need to be working.''

Woods expressed some displeasure at being sent home from The Star on Tuesday (and, I assume, with the fine that comes with the behavior) but added, "I respect coach (Jason) Garrett's decision.''

Respect from a fellow D-lineman, 2019 second-round pick Trysten Hill, may be longer in coming.

While Woods has become an NFL starter in part due to his reliability, Hill has established little in that area. And now we know that in addition to his own Tuesday tardiness, he reportedly also took a nap during a Thursday presentation by guest speaker Isiah Thomas, the NBA legend.

Unlike Woods, Hill did not comment on Thursday about the story that includes the Dallas Morning News noting that Thomas "called out'' Hill during the speech last Thursday "on leadership and what it takes to become a champion.''

Yes, there is some irony there. Call it a potential wake-up call for Hill, in particular - though a "wake-up call'' is supposed to be a figurative, not a literal, thing.