Cowboys fan credits Dak Prescott with saving his life amidst tragedy

Dak Prescott has been honest about his struggles with mental health, and the Dallas Cowboys International Fan of the Year says the quarterback's openness helped save his life.
Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott
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Criticism comes with being the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, and Dak Prescott is no exception. One of the more successful signal-callers in franchise history, Prescott went from being a mid-round comp pick to the runner-up for the NFL MVP last year.

Despite his success, the target on his back only grows bigger—and nothing is off-limits.

In 2022, Skip Bayless criticized Prescott for being honest about his struggles with mental health. Bayless said he didn't have sympathy for Prescott and referred to his honesty about depression as a "weakness." His take couldn't be more incorrect since it took incredible strength for Dak to allow himself to be that raw.

Fast-forward to 2024, and we now see why it's so important for public figures to be vulnerable.

Prescott recently met Dallas Cowboys International Fan of the Year Eduardo Flores, who credits the quarterback with saving his life. Flores said Prescott helped him as he went through the stages of grief after losing his father.

“I wouldn’t be standing here today if it weren’t for Dak Prescott, so I would like to take this moment to raise mental health awareness”

Flores stated

Presott and Flores had a heartwaring meeting at the quarterback's annual Faith. Fight. Finish. Foundation Gala on Friday night.

Prescott decided to open up about his mental health after his brother took his own life in 2020. He discussed how this loss, and the loss of his mother during his collegiate career, were tough to deal with, and the isolation caused by the pandemic magnified his depression.

Professional athletes such as Los Angeles Chargers tight end Hayden Hurst and Luka Doncic of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks have supported and joined Prescott in sharing their stories.

More media members bash Dak Prescott's good nature

While many praise these players for their bravery, some still believe Prescott is "too nice." The latest is Terry Bradshaw, a former Super Bowl champion for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bradshaw said Prescott lacked the "nastiness" needed to succeed in the NFL and that he should shift away from his "kind and lovable" nature.

Every NFL player is subject to criticism, but the rules seem different for Prescott, and that will not change. Then again, neither is his desire to be a good person, which is perfectly fine with Eduardo Flores and anyone else inspired by the honest conversations regarding mental health struggles.

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