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Dallas Cowboys Camp: Top 20 Quotes, Starring 'Charlie F--- Around'

The time in Oxnard was eventful - and quote-worthy. To wit, The Top 20 Quotes from Cowboys Camp in California ...

FRISCO - The Dallas Cowboys training camp continues as we're all back home in Frisco. But the time in Oxnard was eventful - and quote-worthy. To wit, The Top 20 Quotes from Cowboys Camp in California:

20. “The dude’s a beast. He’s a machine. A hell of a leader. So blessed to play with him and ain’t no other quarterback I’d want to go to war with.'' - Ezekiel Elliott on Dak Prescott.

19. “I am just going to be honest: I about wrecked my truck when Jerry (Jones) called me. - Coach Mike McCarthy, on hearing the news from the owner that the Cowboys would be on “Hard Knocks.''

18. “I don’t care who you are, you’re going to have criticism. Michael Jordan had criticism. LeBron James, some of the best players in the world have criticism.” - Jaylon Smith.

17. “I got my hands on 14 balls, I ended up with not 14 interceptions.” - Trevon Diggs, on his rookie year and his takeaway wishes.

16. “F--- last year. Charlie F----Around, he don’t work here. High School Harry, get his ass out the f------ door. This is about winning. This is about winning a world championship. Period. Because that’s all that matters.'' - McCarthy on "Hard Knocks.''

15. "I think what I learned most about my life is I like to do hard shit with a group of people.'' - Dan Quinn.

14. “Dan is bringing the swagger back. That’s what we need in this place, swagger, that pep in our step and that swagger.' - Defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence on the new defensive coordinator Quinn.

13. "I want to be the queen of linebackers. But also a king in a way.” - Rookie linebacker Micah Parsons with a chess analogy.

12. “Just having the year I had last year, you don’t need more motivation than that. I just know the type of player I am. I don’t think I showed that last year. I got a lot to prove.” - Ezekiel Elliott.

11. “I was smiling. Being there just thinking and kind of fantasizing, if you will, of 'what if'. All it takes is work. ... Until I get one of them (gold jackets), I’m working.” - CeeDee Lamb on the Hall of Fame.

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10. “I’ve never been able to know why I f'ed it up.'' Jerry on his breakup with Jimmy Johnson.

9. "Jerry shouldn't take the entire blame. I was ready to move on. Could we have done something to make it work? Maybe. It really wasn't all his fault." - Jimmy Johnson

8. “This guy is so driven. That’s his nature to overwork. He’s like Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman rolled up into one guy.” - Stephen Jones on Dak Prescott.

7. “They don’t call me Crazy Kazee for nothing.” — safety Damontae Kazee.

6. "The 1,000 yards, it’s OK, but anything after that is like the gravy. I want the gravy.” - Amari Cooper.

5. “We’re going to have a lot of prayer so we can get the courage to show up. Let me tell you this, world champion, Tom Brady, great atmosphere - what better opportunity than to step up there and be 'David against Goliath.” - Jerry on opening the NFL regular-season at the Bucs.

4. “I think he's the best at it. I put him in a category in a handful of players in this league. What he represents for this franchise and this league. The type of person and teammate he is.'Dak has the perfect temperament. He's the perfect guy.'' - Troy Aikman.

3. "I wasn't really expecting that, but I think that it says a lot about my journey as far as my growth. I think five years ago, this would never even be a conversation. I didn't have any sort of leadership skills and even right now I'm still working on that.'' - Randy Gregory on his appointment to the leadership council.

2. “I’m probably not going to be the star.'' - Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore on the "Hard Knocks'' plan.

1. “I want to be in the locker room and say it the same way he said it, and then it’ll mean a whole lot more to me.” - Prescott on Jimmy Johnson's “How ‘bout them Cowboys!” 1992 championship declaration.