WATCH: Dallas Cowboys players hilariously 'gearing up for Father's Day'

Dallas Cowboys players are "gearing up for Father's Day" and did so in a hilarious video shared by the team on social media.
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The Dallas Cowboys are "gearing up for Father's Day" and providing some entertainment for the fans.

Ahead of Father's Day weekend, the team shared a video on social media that shows multiples players attempting to collapse a stroller, while Ezekiel Elliott sat down for a little ride.

Unfortunately for Zeke, he was a little too big for the stroller, saying, "I got too much cheeks for that."

Of course, players who are fathers had a much easier time collapsing the stroller, while others had to try their best not to break it.

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Next time you try to collapse a stroller and fail miserably, don't get too down on yourself and remember that even professional athletes have a tough time. They're just like us.

This year, Father's Day falls on Sunday, June 16, so don't forget to call, visit, or honor your father or paternal bonds on the holiday.

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